Benefits when Shopping at Your Local Bridal Outlet for Your Wedding Gown

Preparing for your wedding day is stressful enough, so why break the bank on a dress you'll likely only wear once? While your budget is completely up to you, many brides these days are opting for more attainable gowns, freeing up more funds for decorations, desserts, or that dream honeymoon vacation. 

Some worry, however, that choosing a discounted bridal dress means they’ll be trading out the coveted shopping experience in a charming setting.

We’ve taken a closer look here to see if you can balance the budget with dress quality and shopping experience. If you’re tired of endlessly searching affordable wedding dress shops near me, bridal outlet shops near me, or cheap dresses near me, read on to see what we’ve discovered!

Can you purchase an affordable wedding dress and still have the wedding of your dreams?

Yes, the short answer is that you can! While there are a number of ways to save while wedding dress shopping, some are more dependable than others. Options include shopping from an online warehouse retailer, an overseas mass manufacturer, local outlets and consignment shops, high-end boutiques found by searching bridal outlet shops near me, and a range of options in-between. Factors that contribute to a huge range of prices for gowns include the designer, fabric, style, and embellishments on the dress, as well as if the gown is a sample or consigned discount gown

We know it can be tempting to check out some of the mega-low prices from discount retailers online, however, possible drawbacks commonly include poor quality fabrics and craftsmanship, discrepancies, such as color differences and fit anomalies with the product that arrives. When it comes to ultra-low priced wedding gowns, we believe that you get what you pay for.

Designer gowns or samples of high-end gowns are almost always handmade, with careful attention to detail and usually provide enough fabric for any alterations that might be necessary. Searching affordable wedding dress shops near me and visiting discount wedding gown sample outlets can bring down the cost of these designer dresses to make them more affordable for budget-conscious brides. 

Check out what these brides-to-be had to say about the inventory at a Cincinnati bridal outlet, Blue Bridal, in the Reading Bridal District!

“This is the first place I went to shop and I found my dress! The staff was so nice and the dresses were relatively cheap for designer gowns. We had a great experience here!” (Holly B, 2020)

Larissa M., in 2020, wrote, “I recommend this store to every bride who is searching for their dress!  Shopping here literally saved me $800!  This was the first store I started at in searching for my wedding dress, and the 3rd dress I tried on was "the one"!  Allie helped me through the process of finding the dress, and she was great!  She was very careful to stay within the budget I gave her, and helped find dresses in the style I wanted.  If you go to this store with a set-in stone dress that you want, you may not have as good of success. This store is like a TJMaxx of wedding dresses, they purchase overstock and such, and pass a huge price cut onto you.  Contrary to the store name, all their dresses are new, but what they have on the shelves is what they have, they can't order a certain dress, size etc. But my recommendation is to start at this store, come with a general idea of what type of dress you want and a bit of an open mind, and it is likely you will find a dress you like. At a much lower price!”

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What to be ready for when you go shopping for discount wedding gowns

It’s a good idea to set yourself up for success when you go wedding gown shopping. If this is your first time, you might be wondering how you should prepare for your discount wedding gown shopping experience. Luckily for you, we’ve written a whole blog on the topic - check it out here

As we covered in that blog, determining your budget, getting familiar with dress styles and silhouettes, thinking about your accessories and the kind of shopping experience that you want, and planning your visit can go a long way to helping you find the dress of your dreams. It also will make it easier for you to reduce any stress you might feel and have a fantastic time, whether you’re Googling discount bridal near me for the first time or the hundredth. 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about wedding wear for the big day. Whether you’re looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses in Columbus, Ohio, picking out earrings that match your veil, necklace, and shoes, or just gettings started in the wedding wear journey, starting with a wedding dress outlet near me, bridal warehouse near me, or wedding dress outlet near me can be a promising place to start. 

What to wear to your appointment

Have you considered what to wear when you’re getting ready to head to your appointment? We believe your comfort is the most important factor, as it will make sure you’re at ease and confident all day. 

You’ll likely be on your feet a lot, so be sure to prepare by wearing supportive, comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Undergarments that you’re comfortable wearing in front of your stylist but that don't leave wrinkles or lines when you’re in front of the mirror is generally a good idea as well.

If you’re still unsure what to wear for your appointments, call and ask the stylists at the shops - they are there to help you, and we can guarantee you won’t be the first person to ask these types of questions.

What is the difference between a classy affordable bridal shop and a “cheap” bridal shop?

Selection and Quality of Bridal Designers

A significant factor separating shops that feature higher-end products from shops that carry lower-quality inventory is the designers that are featured. Discount wedding gowns made by reputable designers, such as Justin Alexander, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, Madi Lane, and Sophia Tolli are distinctive in style, utilize high-quality fabrics, and offer silhouettes to flatter any bride. 

Designer discount gowns are offered in all of the classic silhouettes, including the universally beloved A-Line, the sexy fitted and fit and flare, sumptuously feminine ballgown, and expressive rustic. 

Whether you seek a timeless classic that might be passed down in your family or a fashion statement that shows your individual personality, designer gowns are available in an astounding array of ever-changing styles. Well-managed discount wedding gown shops are constantly updating their inventory and seeking out gowns that attract brides of all kinds.

The Experience

If you’re looking for cheap wedding dresses in Ohio at shops that are not ultra high-end boutiques, it doesn’t mean you won’t receive exceptional service from knowledgeable and experienced bridal consultants. Brides of all kinds, from fashion-forward to the more whimsical in style, shop at wedding shop outlets. These shops are where the range of prices and styles often far exceeds those of luxury designer stores and boutiques. 

At big-box stores and lower-end stores, you may be required to do 100% of the work, from searching all the racks, to stepping into the gowns and checking for fit and the option for alterations. Although possible, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a stylist to accompany you or assist with this process. 

At local discount wedding gown shops that are not big-box stores, it is more likely that you will be provided with a stylist who may be able to provide you with dresses to try on, assist you with trying the dresses on, offering feedback, and more. You’re more likely to be greeted by name, supplied with your own dressing room, and the experience is more likely to incorporate a higher degree of customer service.  

As you consider your shopping experience and begin planning your visits, we recommend limiting the number of appointments in a day to two to three. Beyond being physically and emotionally tiring, setting yourself up with a long day of appointments can result in dresses that blend together, making it more challenging to recall which you loved.

As you start to schedule your appointments, we also recommend asking how many guests can accompany you. We believe that the optimal size is two to four trusted guests who know your personal style and can give you honest feedback, while respecting your opinions. 

The Bridal Stylists

If you’re considering purchasing a discount bridal gown for your wedding day but don’t know where to start, it’s a good idea to begin by booking an appointment at a higher-end discount boutique that staffs experienced stylists who can guide you. These pros are whizzes at their jobs and we appreciate the expertise of wedding stylists’ abilities to provide dress options that enhance your appearance and make you feel stunning. 

Sometimes, brides are surprised to find out that a consultant’s suggestion for a style they’d never imagined liking is the perfect dress! It’s less likely that you’ll come across these gems of stylists at a big-box store, as those stores are not generally set up for the degree of 1:1 customer service that can be required.

Higher-end shops that sell discount wedding gowns generally require appointments to ensure top-notch customer service. When calling to request and schedule an appointment, it can be helpful to be prepared with some basics about your wedding and your style. 

Consider the following, as this information can also be helpful for the wedding stylists who will be assisting you during your appointment:

Why Blue Bridal?

While visiting the Reading Bridal District, an amazing hub for the wedding industry that’s located in Ohio, be sure to include Blue Bridal aka Something New Borrowed & Blue, for an amazing inventory of overstock gowns from top designers - think 30-60% off the original price! With hundreds of discount wedding gowns in sizes ranging from 2-32, we make a point of ensuring that brides of all sizes can find the perfect gown that makes her feel beautiful. 

Please call ahead to book a time to view our selection, as we are currently pretty booked up for the next 2-3 weeks. At your appointment, you will enjoy a relaxed, private, and comfortable fitting room and our friendly and professional stylists will attend to you and your guests with expertise from decades in the industry. We even feature regular promotions that result in some pretty steep savings. 

In August, 2021, Kayla C. wrote, “Such an easy great experience! I had an appointment today and the stylist, Victoria, was amazing! She was so so helpful and the absolute sweetest. She was extremely patient for my first time dress shopping. She gave me plenty of great options and listened to my likes and dislikes with each dress. She made me feel good about those that i tried on and chose. I can't think her enough for helping me find the perfect one! I am beyond happy and ecstatic with my choice! Thank you so much Victoria!” 

Tracy F. wrote, “I had a wonderful experience at SNBB! I worked with Erin, who was patient, knowledgeable, and so fun to work with!  She was able to read between the lines and made wonderful recommendations on additional dress styles I should try.  My top two picks were actual dresses she had picked for me! Definitely check out this bridal shop first!  They had a wide variety of styles to choose from, listed at very affordable pricing,” (June, 2021).

Nichele L had something similar to say in June, 2021. “I had a great experience at SNBB! I had been to one other bridal shop to try on different silhouettes and thought I had an idea of what I wanted. Erin encouraged me to try something different and it was the perfect fit! I would have never tried this dress without Erin’s help and it turned out to be “the one”. They really know what they’re doing here at SNBB. They were professional but also made the experience fun! I also felt that gowns were well priced and it was nice to be able to bring it home right away. Thank you Erin and the SNBB staff!!”


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If spending thousands of dollars on a wedding gown feels unsettling to you, you may want to consider shopping at a discount bridal shop. While there are a number of these types of shops, including big-box outlets, shopping at a small boutique-style wedding dress outlet that features designer dresses can result in an affordable gown that doesn’t compromise the special personalized experience. 

Curious about where you can find discount bridal shops? If you’ve already tried Googling cheap wedding dress shops near me and discount wedding stores near me, it might be worth considering a visit to a shop like Something New Borrowed Blue in the Reading Bridal District in Ohio. North America’s largest bridal district is a bride-to-be’s dream, and the affordable options are mind-blowing. Just don’t forget the champagne to celebrate after you’ve found your gown!