5 Featured Cincinnati Wedding Dresses + Highlights of Each Wedding Gown

Whether you’re a newly-engaged bride-to-be or have been captivated by wedding dresses since you were young, our professional bridal consultants 100% understand the mix of feelings you’re probably feeling as you start your wedding gown journey. As a top source for discount wedding dresses and wedding wear in the Cincinnati area and the region, we are thrilled to provide you with information to guide you through your shopping process and make the journey as smooth as possible. 

First, did you know that December is the most popular month for wedding proposals? If you ask us, there’s a special magic in the air during the holiday season that’s at least partly the cause for this commitment to love, but other reasons for more proposals in December could be any of the following: 

We’ve created this special blog post to help brides in any of these situations and highlight some of the essentials of wedding dress shopping, as well as share some of our amazing “ready to order” dresses. 

3 Dress Shopping Tips For the Perfect Dress Shopping Experience

Balance preparation with open-mindedness

If you’re like most brides, you’re probably Googling “discount wedding dress shops near me” relentlessly, seeking opportunities to learn about the pros and cons of different fabrics, if it’s worth it to select a trendy dress over a more classic style, and how you can score a dress with a silhouette that is flattering to your body shape. 

Before visiting Cincinnati wedding dress shops, bridal outlets, or looking online for discount wedding dresses, we recommend starting with a bit of basic research. Check out this blog post and this blog post on our sister store Blush Bridal’s website to get familiar with some of the popular wedding dress silhouettes out there. 

Go wild on Pinterest and Instagram and save your favorite looks so you can show your consultant later on, when you’re at bridal appointments. There are endless sources of inspiration and information about dresses, and these can help you feel confident as you start your search. 

An important thing we want to point out, however, is to balance your confidence with curiosity when it comes to dress styles. Looking at photos of models wearing certain styles of gowns only goes so far when informing you about those dresses and how they might look on you. 

You might, for example, be extremely drawn to the slender shimmer of a sleek sheath gown, but when you try it on, realize it feels restrictive and doesn’t show off your sexy curves to their full potential. Or you may think that you definitely want a strapless ball gown style, but not realize that the many layers of tulle might not be the best choice for your tropical beachside ceremony, when a lighter, airy dress might be more comfortable. 

Our recommendation is to go ahead with your research, but don’t let your initial perspectives and preferences blind you to the recommendations and ideas of your bridal consultant, when you start visiting Cincinnati bridal shops for your appointments. The professionals have devoted their careers to helping brides just like you feel and look stunning on their big days and they want you to select the gown that offers you the most authentic way of being yourself during your wedding. 


There are many ways to find discount bridal stores near me

As you start your wedding dress shopping journey, you are likely coming across a wide range of prices for wedding dresses in Ohio. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend taking the time to sit down with your partner and wedding planner, if you’re working with one, and creating a wedding budget to guide you through your planning process. Your budget will help you set ranges for the costs of aspects of your wedding, from the cost of the venue to your dress, to your stationery, and the food, and everything else. It should align with your values and what’s most important to you about your celebration. 

Even if the wedding dress category of your budget is one of the biggest categories (with the most funds allocated to it), that doesn’t mean that you need to use every dollar in that category. If you’re able to save some in the gown arena, you can move some of those funds to your honeymoon or extra-special gifts for your bridal party! 

And if you’re worried about finding a gown with a more restricted wedding wear category, don’t worry - there are lots of options for scoring savings besides just searching “discount bridal shop near me.” We have a whole blog post on this topic - read it here

What to do to ensure a great wedding dress appointment

  1. Set the appointment! Many Cincinnati dress shops require appointments made in advance so that they can ensure the best customer service and attention to their clients. Having an appointment also means that you can plan around your visit so you can visit other shops in the area, have lunch, or grab a drink with your pals who are along on your shopping experience. 
  2. Wear the right clothes. We recommend brides wear clothing that isn’t restrictive so you can move comfortably and not have distracting lines when you’re looking in the mirror. We recommend you wear or bring undergarments that you’re comfortable wearing in front of the stylist and that you’d be likely to wear on the big day. 
  3. Practice good self care. Ever heard of being hangry? Growling tummies and thirsty throats sure can put dampers on your days. Make sure to take care of yourself on appointment day and drink enough water and carry snacks. This recommendation applies to your wedding preparation time in general, and while you’re at it, try to get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. Movement is great for confidence and can boost your mood, just like protecting your social life and setting up good boundaries. 

Why the Reading Bridal District is the Perfect Place to Shop for Your Wedding Gown

Have you heard of the Reading Bridal District? It’s the region’s primary hub for all things wedding. From bridal discount shops for gowns and bridesmaid dresses to wedding planners, photographers, florists, caterers, and more, the Reading bridal outlet in Reading, Ohio is a must-see destination for couples preparing for their weddings. 

With historic buildings, including warehouses renovated into stylish gallery-like bridal stores Cincinnati, retail spaces, smaller boutiques, and great restaurants, there’s something for everyone, and we recommend brides and their bride tribes plan a few days at least to see all there is in this area. 

If you are planning a visit, check out the Reading Bridal District website. There, you’ll find a directory of the vendors and shops, an event calendar that showcases upcoming wedding events like the annual Fall in Love event, and so much more. 

Visit the site here to learn about the best Cincinnati bridal district.

5 of Our Featured Cincinnati Wedding Dresses in the Reading Bridal District:

As we’ve mentioned above, if you’re looking for vendors in the wedding industry who might be able to provide you with the expertise, skills, and services that will make your dream wedding come true, we recommend you visit the Reading Bridal District

While you’re there, be sure to visit the consignment stores, outlets, and discount bridal shops in cincinnati ohio. You might have the opportunity to see designer samples, trunk shows, and vintage gowns that can help you to save big, or you can visit boutiques that will help you pick out a gown that will be made to order once you pay your deposit. 

Our shop, Something New Borrowed and Blue, aka Blue Bridal is a retailer where you can find overstock and designer gowns, usually at 30-60% off their regular price. Most of the time, our brides are able to take their gowns home right after picking them out, as we sell the majority of our inventory right off the rack. This is a good thing if you’re in any kind of a hurry to get alterations made on your gown and have it ready in a quicker-than-normal fashion. 

However, we do offer plenty of gowns “to order” as well. This means that you will try on a sample gown at our shop and we will order it to be created just for you. These gowns we have listed are some of our favorites and look great on brides with many different body types, and we can’t wait to share more about them with you below! 

Wedding Dress #1: Allegra, Adore by Justin Alexander

This gown has us swooning every time we see it on a bride in our shop. We adore the strapless sweetheart neckline, the intricate lace detailing and overlay, and the flattering flutter of the way it falls near the feet. With a classic A-line silhouette that allows for plenty of movement and comfort, this gown is a perfect mix of romantic and breathtaking. 

With beading, lace, and tulle, this dress is flirty and feminine, and because it maintains a classic silhouette, we think it would be a great gown to wear at nearly any wedding venue. Whether you say “I do” in a landscaped garden, modern museum, or elegant ballroom, this dress will offer you sweet confidence.

Wedding Dress #2: Riley, Adore by Justin Alexander

This classic, long-sleeved gown has achieved what few gowns can; mix classic, long-sleeved style with detailing that keeps the dress fresh for brides of today. With layers of lightweight fabrics, lacy details, and a plunging neckline, the sophisticated blends smoothly into the more approachable so that any bride can wear this gown with poise and the assurance that she’s showing up with her most gorgeous self on her big day. 

This gown would be beautiful in any setting and for weddings that lean both toward the formal end of the spectrum and toward the more casual. It can be paired with more out-of-the-box jewelry like chunky or colorful necklaces and tall wedges or with an elegant floral crown. There’s something so alluring about it - come in and try it on for yourself! 

Wedding Dress #3:11118 Adore by Justin Alexander

This gown’s sexy fit-and-flare silhouette, paired with its chapel-length train, make this dress one of our most elegant. With a row of buttons down the low lacy back, whisper-thin straps, and its crepe fabric and lace bodice, this dress makes each step a dream. It’s the kind of gown you imagine a modern princess wearing. 

The plunging v neck and natural waistline are flattering to bodies of all shape and size, and since this dress is both classic and contemporary, it would be suitable for upscale events of all kinds. Like all of our made-to-order dresses listed here, your order will be placed as soon as you say “yes” to the dress, and we will submit the order for your dress to be sewn.


Wedding Dress #4: Callan, Adore by Justin Alexander

This gown, the Callan, in the Adore by Justin Alexander line, is absolutely a favorite among our brides. It mixes rustic with boho, but isn’t excessively trendy, instead finding a sweet spot that’s approachable and feminine. For brides who are a bit more casual in their approach to the wedding, perhaps choosing a beach or park over a ballroom, this gown makes an ideal choice. 

With comfortable jersey fabric, in addition to flowy chiffon and lace, this gown begs for motion, and inserts grace into each movement. Like other A-line gowns with natural waistlines, the dress fits brides with body shapes from curvy to straight, and everything in-between. 

Wedding Dress #5: Minka, Adore by Justin Alexander

We can’t get enough of the Minka gown. With its sweeping straps and low back, it is fashionable and timeless at the same time, and absolutely commands a second look. We love the embroidery, integration of sequins and lace detailing, and the integration of tulle gives a little shape to this fit-and-flare beauty of a gown. For fearlessly feminine women who show up with self-assured confidence, this gown is like a superhero’s cape. 


From the classic A-line silhouette to rustic fabrics and embellishments and everything in-between, there’s a dress for every body and every preference. Although it can feel, at the beginning of your dress-shopping journey, as though the options are endless or overwhelming, we’ve found that the right resources and preparation, balanced by having appointments at boutiques, outlets, and warehouses with skilled consultants, makes all the difference. 

Wedding dresses are our passion, and making sure that each of our brides feels her very best on her wedding day is what ensures we’ve done our job well. As a premier discount bridal gown shop in the Reading Bridal District, we at Blue Bridal want to do everything in our power to empower brides with the knowledge and support they need as they go through this process. From falling in love with the gown of your dreams to placing the order for your made-to-order dress, we are there to guide you each step of the way.