Silhouette Inspo for Your Dream Wedding Dress

POV: you have started your wedding dress shopping journey… something you’ve been looking forward to your whole life! First things first - take a deep breath. This sometimes can be overwhelming; all the options and opinions, all the shops, and so many different designers and styles! Where do you begin?! We want to take a moment and just say congratulations. It’s such an exciting time - don’t let any of the stress over-power the thrill! 

If you’re here on the blog, reading about silhouettes and inspiration, you’re already in good shape to have a great shopping experience. Read on, click the links, and explore all the beautiful and stunning options that await you. 

Whether you have already started checking out wedding dresses on Pinterest, searched wedding dresses near me over and over, or have already visited a bridal store or two, getting familiar with common dress shapes and silhouettes will start you off on the right track. This process will help you keep your search efficient (how many times can you search wedding dress stores near me after all?) and keep you confident during your appointments. Just remember - try to balance your preferences with an open mind. Lots of brides are pleasantly surprised when they try on a style of dress they’ve never imagined. That gown that you’re hesitant to try, because it doesn’t fit with your idea of “the gown,” might just be the dress of your dreams.

Where to shop for wedding dresses 

No matter if you’re imagining a sleek trumpet silhouette, with clinging silk and a gentle flare, or a luscious ballgown, with layer after layer of gorgeous fabric, you’ve got lots of options for shopping. A lot of them will come up if you search for “affordable bridal shops near me”. 

If you’re located in the world-renowned Reading Bridal District in Ohio, you might feel like everything is at your fingertips - after all, brides from all over visit annually, seeking that perfect balance of style, fit, and affordability. In the Reading Bridal District, there’s everything from boutique shops to discount dress stores to consignment options. How can you get started after you’ve already searched for “bridal gown shops near me”? 


Well, if you’re interested in service and style, but also budget-conscious, we recommend checking out a discount wedding dress store. These shops provide amazing opportunities to save on your gown budget, but don’t compromise on the quality or uniqueness of your gown. 

They’re not made to order, so, unlike dresses ordered from full-price wedding dress shops, they can usually be purchased and taken home immediately. Whether you’re eloping on short notice or hoping for lots of alterations from a tailor, the turnaround speed means the dress will be ready for you to put it on in front of a mirror at home even sooner! 

Tips To Consider

Think About Your Budget

Don’t skip this one - knowing what you’re comfortable spending on a dress will help guide your whole shopping experience. Don’t forget to share your target price-point with your stylist - it not only helps your stylist choose dresses that fall within your budget range, but also will help quell that temptation of coming across a dress far beyond your financial comfort level.

Sticking to your budget doesn’t need to feel limiting - many of the stores in the Reading Bridal Outlet offer discounted samples from high-end designers at luxury boutiques, offered at a fraction of the original price. 

What Experience Do You Want?

As we mentioned above, options for shopping for your bridal gown range widely - from high-end boutiques to warehouses and everything in-between. Have you imagined what it would be like to shop for your gown? Consider your wishes for the experience as you plan your shopping adventures, and remember the tips from this blog - you’ll likely have a more relaxing experience on a weekday, and coming prepared with the right undergarments and shoes is always a good idea. 

Don’t forget to think about who you want to accompany you at your appointments. Though some Cincinnati bridal shops don’t limit the number of guests that brides may bring with them to appointments, we recommend against bringing your whole tribe, instead limiting the group to just your core besties and one or two family members. Always check with the shops, as you make appointments, about capacity restrictions for groups, as many of them limit guest counts. 

Where do you want to shop?

The Cincinnati Bridal District is a fantastic place to start when considering making shopping plans for your gown. It attracts brides from everywhere in the United States with its range of wedding-industry retail and service options. 

While you visit the Reading Bridal District, don’t forget to make an appointment at Blue Bridal. We’re in the Benson Street bridal district, to be specific, and we’re known for our amazing inventory of overstock gowns from top designers. The best part? They’re 30-60% off the original price. 

When you attend your appointment, you will enjoy a relaxed, private, and comfortable fitting room and our experienced stylists will attend to you and your guests with friendliness, professionalism, and top-notch care, from decades in the industry. You can find us by searching outlet wedding dresses near me or by visiting our website. We stock hundreds of gowns in sizes 2-32 and focus on every bride and every body. With us, you’ll feel comfortable while not breaking the bank.

If you want to read up on all of our top pro tips before shopping for your wedding dress, check out this blog post. It’s in-depth and geared toward the bride-to-be who is planning her next appointment and still searching for wedding shops near me

Silhouette Types

Our bridal stylists can make magic happen during your visit while taking your feedback and returning with new dresses, suggesting certain fabrics for seasonal weddings or beachside ceremonies, and they can make helpful observations about the gowns you’re trying on. They are, nearly without fail, remarkably skilled at selecting gowns for brides that flatter bodies of all kinds.

It is helpful to even the very best, most professional stylists to have somewhere to begin. They’re there to assist you, and knowing if you like a glittery ballroom gown or a sheer boho slip dress can help them get to know you and ensure that they’re selecting dresses that you’re most likely to adore. Some of the wedding dress outlets in the bridal district in Cincinnati have hundreds of dresses at a time, so having somewhere to begin, even just knowing your style preferences, can help immensely in appointments. 

We’ll describe some style categories below, in order to offer a brief overview. But don’t forget - you can also save social media or Pinterest images of dresses you like, and provide them to your stylist. 

Just remember - as we said at the very beginning, although this might help you understand the general styles, fabrics, and silhouettes that appeal to you, it is so beneficial to go into your appointment with an open mind. The seasoned senses of the professionals can guide you into the dress of your dreams, but it might not look anything like what you’ve imagined when you first searched for affordable wedding dress shops near me, wedding gown shop near me, or cheap wedding dress shops near me

A-Line Wedding Dress

A-lines are winners, there’s no way around it. This silhouette is flattering for brides of any body and has been a favorite for decades. It is named for the “A” shape it creates on the body, and high-caliber designers and lines, such as Justin Alexander, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, Madi Lane, and Sophia Tolli, which are available at some wedding dress shops in Cincinnati, such as Blue Bridal, and are able to produce creative masterpieces by integrating the A-Line silhouette.. 

Brides of all varieties of physical shapes and style preferences look stunning in these dresses and find them to be comfortable as well, with their combination of a fitted bodice and gradual, relaxed flare. If you search dress shops near me, any shop that comes up in the results is sure to offer A-Line dresses. Constructed with care out fabrics such as silk and chiffon, these dresses are both stylish and alluring. Brides who wish to balance the sweetness of a ballgown and the sleekness of a fitted gown love A-Line dresses.

Ballgown Wedding Dress

Brides who have imagined feeling like royalty on their wedding day love ballgowns. These silhouettes flare below the waist or hip, sometimes even puffing out a bit, but are fitted through the bodice. This type of gown results in a shapely feminine hourglass appearance and the classic fairytale look perfect for your dream wedding day. 

The skirt can be made with layers of tulle or crinolines, and the gown might feature lavish satin, intricate beadwork, or delicate lace. A flattering shape, the ball gown can also minimize your waist, hips, butt and legs. These are all reasons why this silhouette makes for some of the most popular bridal gowns in Cincinnati Ohio.

Fitted Wedding Dress

With their curve-hugging silhouettes, fitted dresses define the confident and sexy bride. These gowns will make you feel regal and sleek at the altar, with exquisite fabrics and often-understated elegance. Rather than the princess look of the ballgown, fitted dresses are frequently tight at least to the knee. For brides who love chic, classy, and contemporary styles, fitted dresses are a great place to start. 

Fitted dresses are flirtatious, accentuating all your curves and creating that hourglass figure loved by Hollywood. Although these gowns can be a bit restrictive, the use of fabrics such as lace can help to ensure your movement is more free than other, more tightly-woven or structured fabrics. We love the geometric lace patterns, creative strap detailing, and off-the shoulder styles that are so fashionable these days. 

Most designers featured at bridal shops in Cincinnati carry fitted gowns, as they are classic, versatile, and customizable. Fitted dresses include styles such as mermaid and trumpet, as well, which can be distinguished by the point at which they flare, which is below the knee. As opposed to fit and flare dresses (below), both mermaid and trumpet style dresses are more restrictive. With low-dipping backs, illusion necklines, and possibilities for any kind of accessory that you can imagine, fitted dresses are here to stay.

Fit & Flare Wedding Dress

Similar in many ways to the fitted gown silhouette, the fit and flare wedding dress shape creates the illusion of elongating your body, but doesn’t restrict your movement, enabling you to more freely dance the night away. This silhouette is tightly fitted through the bust and waist and all the way to the hips and thighs, but flares out from above the knee. It’s a longtime favorite and a classic for brides of all kinds. Most shops, not just those that feature wedding dresses in Cincinnati, keep an inventory of fit & flare gowns. 

For decades, women have recognized the power in this figure-flattering shape. As for most fitted dresses, the eye is drawn along the crisp silhouette of the hips through the waist, accenting the feminine form with its flare above the knee. No matter the fabric, these dresses are show-stoppers.

Rustic Wedding Dress

We love rustic wedding dresses for the way they enable the personal expression of each bride! There are so many styles to choose from, and they have become even more creative recently, with designers featuring everything from two-piece bridal wear to loose, flowing sleeves, and even mixing the elements from other silhouettes. 

Frequently, rustic dresses are the least-restrictive of styles, but that doesn’t mean they lack style or form - in fact, some of the most stylish of dresses these days are rustic! These often feature layers of draped lace and flowing fabrics and might also have beadwork, lace detailing, or varying lengths. They can bring in an airy whimsical style, intriguing designs, such as sleeves, necklines, and illusion elements, and they are an absolutely top choice for brides on the market for wedding gowns right now! If you search wedding dress near me, a number of the dresses and shops that appear in the results are sure to be rustic silhouettes. 


As you can see, with so much variety in wedding dress styles, getting familiar with some common silhouettes and styles can be a great place to start. When you call Cincinnati dress shops to make your appointments, be sure to mention some of your wedding plans (beachside wedding or ballroom?) to your stylist at your appointment, as well as what styles you are already drawn to for a head-start to your big shopping day.

‍Should you shop for a chic and lacy boho gown, a luxurious, princess-like ballgown or a fashion-forward silk sheath dress? Whatever you ultimately select, shopping at bridal shops in Ohio for your wedding gown can give you the shopping experience of your dreams and protect your budget at the same time. What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to help you find your dream dress! 

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