The Inside Guide - 9 Things to Know Before Shopping for a Wedding Dress

1. Come with photos 

The months of pinning photos to your Pinterest board will actually come in handy! One of the first things a bridal consultant is going to ask you is “Do you have any photos?” Don’t worry, you won’t be confined to only trying on dresses that look like your pictures— it just gives the consultant a place to start. 

2. Keep an open mind

We all know the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – it’s a well known for a reason. It can be hard to tell what a dress looks like on the hanger. Show your consultant some photos of dresses that you like and trust them to pull the right gowns for your shape and style.

3. Eat before you shop 

Shopping for a dress can be emotional and you can’t make a big decision hangry (hungry & angry). Please eat before you go shopping or bring snacks to eat in between appointments. Buying a dress is an important decision and you want to make sure you are making it with a sound mind and body.  

4. Wear the right underwear 

Silly point, we  know – but trying on white dresses with neon green underwear could be distracting when looking in the mirror. Our advice, stick to neutral colors and full bum coverage.

5. Don’t be afraid to say no

Bridal consultants are talented but they aren’t perfect. If a consultant asks you what you think of a dress don’t be afraid to say “I don’t like it”. Your consultant will not be offended, they didn’t make the dress. In addition, try to vocalize one thing you don’t like about the dress. Is the color too pink or do you not like the neckline? Any information you can give the stylist will get you one step closer to your dream dress.

6. Sit test 

I bet you haven’t thought about this one, huh? It all good and well to love a dress while standing on the pedestal but if you can’t sit in it comfortably you may feel miserable during the reception. While you’re in the store do a quick “sit test” and make sure it’s bearable.

7. The consultants aren’t judging you 

I know what you’re thinking… I’ve never met this lady and now she’s supposed to help me get dressed? It can feel a little strange at first but I promise consultants aren’t focused on anything other than finding you the gown of your dreams. We aren’t looking at your tattoo or unshaved legs – so relax and be yourself, we genuinely just want to help! 

8. It’s easier to buy the accessories in store 

It can seem a little overwhelming to pick a veil or a belt on the same day as your dress but we promise you it’s worth it.  You most likely won’t be in your dress again until your fitting. There’s no better time to pick out a veil than when you’re actually in the dress and can see the whole picture. Sure, you might have more options online but it can be really challenging to compare gems and stones on your phone screen. Take the guess work out of online shopping and ask your consultant to help you find the right accessories. 

9. You might want to leave your bride tribe at home 

SAY WHAT? I know, it’s not what you pictured – you thought your big “say yes to the dress” moment would include all of your best friends, aunts, and bridesmaids. Here’s one thing to keep in mind: asking someone to come to your bridal appointment is inevitably asking them for their opinion. Having ten of your friends and family sharing their opinions at once is going to get overwhelming. And let’s face it – your aunt Suzie and bestie Rachel aren’t going to have the same taste. Our thoughts? Buying your wedding dress is about YOU and the only opinion that matters is yours. We suggest bringing one or two guests who will leave their personal tastes at the door and focus on you and your style.

Buying your wedding dress is such an exciting experience and we can’t wait to be apart of it. Have more questions about the dress buying experience or are you ready to book an appointment?

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