2021 Wedding Crashers – What the Buzz is all About

If you live in the Midwest it is no secret that the cicadas are in full swing. They are loud, unpleasant to look at, and seemingly never ending. While we can’t control mother nature, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the impact these bugs have on your big day.


Use a Microphone

As I’m sure you’ve already gathered, cicadas are loud! Thankfully,we have technology that’s louder. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony it could be wise to invest in or rent a sound system so that guests can hear your vows over the “musical stylings” of the unwanted guests. Additionally, couples have been playing ambient background music throughout their ceremonies to help drown out the buzzing.  

Consider Covering

Your outdoor reception is not doomed! Experts say that cicadas are drawn to leafy locations like trees and bushes. If your venue is dense with trees, ask your venue / coordinator what they are doing to control the cicadas. Many venues are wrapping trunks with foil barrier tape to keep cicadas from climbing up the bark and utilizing netting over shrubs to minimize lading spots. If your space and budget allow, a tent is another great solution.

Embrace the Bugs

If you can’t beat them, join them! We know, this isn't how you envisioned your big day but there are ways to make the best of the situation and a little humor can go a long way. Here are 3 fun ways to incorporate the cicadas into your wedding festivities:

1. Turn the reception’s bar into a “bug bar”complete with a cicada-themed signature drink like a cosmopolitan dubbed “Cicada Cosmo”

2. Give fake insect-shape gummies as a party favor

3. Create a station for guests to write notes to the newlyweds to read in 2038, the next time the cicadas emerge

Set Expectations

Don’t forget, not everyone knows about these “lovely” creatures. Your out of town guests may have never seen or heard of a cicada before. It could be wise to add a note to your wedding website reamarking that although the bugs are annoying, they are not dangerous. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your announcement – add a chocolate covered cicada to guest’s welcome bags or utilize a funny meme to lighten the tone.


Ultimately, a wedding is about celebrating the love between two people—and that joy won’t be tainted by nature’s plans if newlyweds don’t let it.